XII. Valdichiana – Guided tour to a farm

Guided tour to a farm in the countryside of the Val di Chiana, in the heart of Tuscany.
The companies chosen are characterized by the production of grain and fodder from organic farming aimed at livestock farming (selected Chianina breed, pigs of Nostralo and Cinta Senese breed, members of the consortium of protection), by the cultivation of olive trees and by performing their activity in compliance with the centuries-old traditions of the territory.

- Meat of bovine Chianina
- Pork Cinta Senese
- Pork Nostrale
- Sausages and cold meat
- Oil
- Cheeses

All animals are raised using only farm products (hay, straw, corn, barley and beans) and in compliance with the best hygienic – sanitary conditions.
Guided tour through the ground for seeding products, visit to the breeding of pure-bred pigs of Cinta Senese – selected members of the “Consortium of protection of the Cinta Senese”, visit to the Chianina breed – selected members of the “national studbook”.

Tasting of typical products of the supply chain:
Ham, shoulder, loin, Capocollo, salami, Finocchiona (salami with fennel), Guanciale (bacon from the head of the pig), Rigatino, saussages, brawn/headcheese, Fegatelli (liver) of Cinta Senese and Nostrale pigs.

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