A Weekend on the Farm

…with friends, for companies, for parties, ceremonies, anniversaries and much more…

1st Day – FRIDAY
Arrival in Tuscany on the Farm, with a visit to the medieval village where we will stay, accompanied by the farmer with the presentation of all the works of the ancient crafts that were carried out. Accommodation in rooms and dinner with typical local dishes presented by the Housewife. Gathering in the stable or in the cellar, with tales of the historical traditions of patriarchal families presented by traditional rhyme singers.

2nd Day – SATURDAY
Valdorcia: Pienza and its sheep cheeses and Montepulciano with its Vino Nobile. Visit of the pasture and stroll in the vineyard with the possibility of wine harvesting (when the season permits it), lunch in a historical wine cellar with degustation of the Vini Nobili of Montepulciano. Stroll in the medieval village with visit to the underground city. Dinner with the Host: Typical Tuscan dishes and products, cold cuts from the cinta senese pig (ham, fennel sausage, Rigatino), selection of sheep cheeses in various stages of maturation, roasted bread slices with extra virgin olive oil and small roasted bread slices with typical spreads, handmade large spaghettis (pici) with a sauce in the Housewife’s style, Fiorentine Beef Steak (Bistecca alla fiorentina) and Cantucci with Vin Santo.
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3rd Day – SUNDAY
Life of the village and the farm…
At the crow of the rooster, accompanied by Farmer, we get up for the preparation of the Sunday lunch. Visit to the Oil Mill and collection of the products that will be used with the Housewife for the preparation of the Sunday Lunch. The Lunch will be announced by Rifle Shots.
Afternoon with country dances in the village square.
Withdrawal of the hamper / basket that represents a range of all the products that we visited during our tour: Meat of purebred bovine Chianina kettle, typical and genuine products, like high quality italian meats of a millennial flavor, noble wines, extra virgin olive oils, sheep cheeses from Pienza, Cantucci with Vin Santo.
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Cooking school with the Housewife
You will be preparing the dishes that will be served in the Sunday lunch: fresh pasta, soups and stews created with your imagination and your hands.

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