1st day – Arrival and welcoming of the guests
Presentation of the itinerary and a tipical dinner in a “Locanda” (Inn).

2nd day – Montepulciano, Land of the Vino Nobile
A small town, a gem rich of fascination where Renaissance and the Middle Ages meet and “savour” each other with the excellence of a glass of Vino Nobile.
Visit of the subterranean Renaissance Gothic city with wine-tasting in a local restaurant which offers the tipical cuisine of the area.
Afternoon with visits to historical and medieval wine cellars and tasting of Vino Nobile.

3rd day – Montalcino and the Orcia Valley
Visit to the castle of Poggio alle Mura with wine tasting of Brunello di Montalcino wine.
Afternoon visit to the local cheese diary wher you will be able to taste Pecorini di Pienza (sheep cheese) of varying maturation (fresh/ semi matured / matured in oak barrels, in caves, “morchiato” (covered with a mixture made of ‘morchia’, which is the dense layer of deposits left at the bottom of the traditional terracotta urns that olive oil is stored in, and ashes)).

4th day – The territory of the Chianti Classico
Visit to the Fattoria Felsina, in the heart of Tuscany, land of the Etruscans, its founders, that introduced to it the grape-wine and the olive, land of the Romans, who found refuge and companionship in its post station, land of the pilgrims on their pilgrimage along the Via Francigena. Being a stop-over point or ultimate destination, today as it was then, Felsina offers its guests quietude and regalement. Tasting of extra-virgin olive oils and pure Sangiovese wines in antique wine cellars. In the Afternoon visit to the city of Siena.

5th day – Val di Chiana and cooking school
Guided tour in the morning to a farm in the countryside of the Val di Chiana, in the heart of Tuscany.
The companies chosen are characterized by the production of grain and fodder from organic farming aimed at livestock farming (selected Chianina breed, pigs of Nostralo and Cinta Senese breed, members of the consortium of protection), by the cultivation of olive trees and by performing their activity in compliance with the centuries-old traditions of the territory.
- Meat of bovine Chianina
- Pork Cinta Senese
- Pork Nostrale
- Sausages and cold meat
- Oil
- Cheeses
All animals are raised using only farm products (hay, straw, corn, barley and beans) and in compliance with the best hygienic – sanitary conditions.
Guided tour through the ground for seeding products, visit to the breeding of pure-bred pigs of Cinta Senese – selected members of the “Consortium of protection of the Cinta Senese”, visit to the Chianina breed – selected members of the “national studbook”.
Tasting of typical products of the supply chain:
Ham, shoulder, loin, Capocollo, salami, Finocchiona (salami with fennel), Guanciale (bacon from the head of the pig), Rigatino, saussages, brawn/headcheese, Fegatelli (liver) of Cinta Senese and Nostrale pigs.
Afternoon and evening with cooking school: Preparation of typical dishes with the assistance of a professional Chef and Sommelier who will accompany you during the whole day whilst you prepare authentic specialities, combining them with typical wines.
A Medieval banquet dinner with courses prepared by you – our participants.
The participants will be rewareded a signed certificate by the “Cooking School”.

6th day – Departure
The guests will be accompanied to their airports and/or train stations.

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