About us

Travel with my mind, inebriate myself on dreams and desires, has always been an untouchable characteristic of my personality. Not a day passes without my mind traveling to my homeland, Tuscany, because no distance could, however, ever erase or damage the memory of its perfumes, its territory, its fame.

Entering this place, for me, every time is like caressing, embracing, being pampered again by all the people who have played a very important role in my life, my real friends.

This has led to my desire to create “Profumi e Sapori di Toscana” (Flavors and Aromas of Tuscany) – a project that has the basic meaning of discovering the true meaning of our origins, of the sacrifice made to achieve certain goals.

Therefore we seek to share and convey our passion with all the people who we encounter or who take part of “Our Lives” – exactly. Give them true EMOTIONS, therefore introduce them the reality, that we think, may just offer them the chance to have certain feelings.

Every time I go back to Tuscany, my images are being filled with a cocktail of colors, my mind is carried away by a sense of peace and serenity, and all this mesmerizes me for a moment, in an attempt to be able to understand where reality and fantasy meet.

Always in search of ancient reality of patriarchal families and ancient places…

When a customer comes to our sports facility or a dines at our restaurant, we have to make him understand the origins, the roots, the history of our work, the product of that dish, that bottle of wine.

It’s easy for everybody to bring that bottle on the table and open it.

But why not carry our guest to our territory, making him breathe the “scent” of the land on which the the vine, which made the blossoming bunch of grapes, that were brought to the cellar and then worked with the love of our Farmers was cultivated. Only in this way it was able to express all its value, to get to be a bottle of good wine.

That wine is be good, though …. but it will be more pleasant if we manage to make our guest understand its path, its origin.

I always say that the PAST is OUR FUTURE. And I believe blindly in this statement.
It is not a cliché, but a sentiment and a sincere desire.

Mirco Pasquini