News: One upon a time…

Historical Reenactments of the events of our past
Lunches, Dinners, Vigils and Gatherings for Friends in Country Style
Tuscan wedding of the fifties with singers of traditional italian countryside songs and popular dances
Visits to the Farm and Cellars accompanied by the Farmer, lunches and dishes prepared with the real Housewives
Discovering the most authentic and simple Tuscan tradition

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New tours added!

We have added more guided visit to our program. You can find them on our overwiew page.

New 3 day tour!

We have added another guided visit to our program. You can find it on our overwiew page.


In our first video on Youtube, we’d like to share a few of our impressions with you.

We’re on Instagram

As of today, you can also find pictures of the impressions from our trips and all around Tuscany on Instagram: Saporitoscana.